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Digital Marketing Strategy - Early Distribution Phase

Depending on where your technology sits in the commercialisation pathway there will be numerous marketing problems that Technology Outcomes can provide a data based digital marketing solution for.

At the early distribution stage of a product you may wish to:

  • Obtain data on who your technology products or technology services' early adopters will be

  • Test numerous marketing approaches prior to scale-up in isolation of the broader market

  • Know what the cost of scale-up will be

  • Know what infrastructure you will require to obtain sales

Technology Outcomes Offers Digital Marketing Services for Companies Looking To:

  • Discover Buyer Intent - Isolated A/B Marketing Tests

    Technology Outcomes can isolate a geographic region to A/B test campaigns to test buyer intent.

    We can use your infrastructure or create entirely new and seperate infrastructure to test sub-sections of the market that reflect the national market.

    We can use your actual product to test sales or create a "virtual product" to test buyer intent. This means that we can test marketing concepts prior to products being available or even being created.

    We can create the minimal amount of infrastructure required to complete a sale. This may mean, a website with basic sales functionality and a series of video or image based advertisements. This can be used to measure which demographics will likely purchase.

    There is no need to guess. Use data.

  • Discover The Cost Of Scale-Up

    By running marketing tests in geographic isolation of the whole population we can use data to understand what marketing costs will be nationwide.

    Small scale A/B digital marketing tests can determine which advertisements best convert into sales and what the costs will be if there are scaled up to bigger and bigger areas. This can be done for Australian based sales or International sales.

  • Discover The Necessary Infrastructure Required To Complete Sales

    Think of Technology Outcomes' programs as affordable real world A/B sales tests where numerous tests can be run on different audience demographics to better know who will buy and what will it cost to reach them.

    These processes will uncover the infrastructure required to complete a sale. This infrastructure may be as simple as having a website with sales functionality but may quickly extend to needing video based advertisements, regulatory approvals to improve customer confidence, re-targeting campaigns, endorsements or partnerships.

Example - What does it take to get healthy people to sign up for a 1 day clinical trial?

Technology Outcomes has helped numerous clinical studies reach their target recruitment goals through improved digital marketing strategies.

Example: A clinical trial requires participants that have to attend a static clinic to meet a nurse based in East Melbourne. Due to budget constraints the clinic site is only available to participants 1 day per week.

Technology Outcomes created a new video based ad (higher engagement than text based ads) that would run on Facebook and a convenient website for participant signups.

Participant signups increased dramatically but overall recruitment did not.

After an audit was completed and numerous changes were made to increase recruitment

  • Static site was abandoned for mobile nursing providers to allow for in-home collections.

  • This expanded to the potential recruitment zone from 2 -3 km radius to 20km radius

  • Protocols on how to quickly respond to participants were improved.

  • Ad costs were reduced every month over 4 months as ad campaigns were optimised over time.

  • Ad demographics were honed in on over time to improve campaign reach.

Though this example is non-standard it does explore the concepts of what may be required to complete a sale.

The initial assumption was that a video advertisements, excellent advertising targeting and an easy to navigate website would be enough to get the job done. For most cases this would suffice.

The above example shows how digital marketing can outline the road blocks to a sale and provide useful data points to show areas of improvement

  • An ad can bring a potential customer to a hard to navigate or poorly presented website.

  • A great looking website can sit there doing nothing without good ad copy and engaging visual advertisements bringing potential customers.

  • Even when these are improved poor customer service and other hurdles to the consumer may inhibit sales.

  • A great ad can be too expensive to run if not targeted properly or placed on the correct platform.

The good news is that a good digital marketing strategy can both improve the customers journey and highlight where there are road-blocks in it.

Technology Outcomes Core Expertise

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Does your website appear for the search terms that you want it to? Are you missing out on organic website traffic because your website doesn't appear on search engines rankings for terms relevant to your company or area of technology?
    We can help optimise your website and get it to rank on the front page of Google for terms that are useful for your technology product or service offering.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Put your technology product or service offering in front of customers, licensees, venture capitalists or potential technology partners immediately. Target only people that can help you complete your commercialisation goals using digital marketing platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Youtube and Facebook.

  • Video Production

    Let Technology Outcomes create the perfect video that is fit-for-purpose for your commercialisation needs. Show your technology, heads of company, manufacturing processes and satisfied clients quickly and in a highly consumable format. Re-purpose the same footage to create ads and social media posts. There is a reason why video has gone from a luxury item to an industry standard asset for all business types.

  • Distribution of Video Content

    Technology Outcomes have years of experience distributing video content to highly targeted audiences to help with technology product branding, sales, service offerings, clinical trial recruitment, business development and technology partnerships. Videos that are viewed on most digital marketing platforms allow for future re-targeting options for people that engage highly with your content.

  • LinkedIn Outreach

    Let Technology Outcomes create a custom LinkedIn Outreach strategy for you. Make direct contact with decision makers at volume to license your technology, obtain funding and build partnerships and better business relationships.

  • Data Based Campaign Analysis and Analytics

    A core expertise of Technology Outcomes is your to understand how and why campaigns are succeeding or faltering. By analysing your website traffic and adding custom tracking events we can show you how your customers are navigating your website, how long they stay on particular pages, where issues may be present and how to resolve them.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We can show you how your competitors are constructing their digital marketing infrastructure and strategies including competitor organic and paid web traffic, search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, Google AdWords ad spend and ad copy and competitor social media strategy.


10 years experience in Digital Marketing and Video Production and Video Marketing

Cost Effective

Work within your budget to get the highest ROI

Understand Digital Marketing Platforms

We understand the best practices and targeting methods on all digital marketing platforms

Competitor Analysis

Use your competitors to set the bar and raise your technology product or service offering above them

Video Production and PPC Background

No one has more experience in both areas of Video Production and the distribution of videos on PPC Platforms

Clear Communication

Understand the costs and process of each digital marketing campaign and video production

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