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Detailed Analysis Of The Landscape

Detailed analysis is the common link between the two worlds of IP Strategy and Digital Marketing Strategy within Technology Outcomes.
By understanding your competitor's IP Strategy or Digital Marketing Strategy we can truly customise a program that will obtain the best results for your technology whether that is getting a patent granted or presenting your technology to buyers and investors.

Core Technology Services


IP Mock Hostile Audits

Service AreaIntellectual Property
Service TypePatent Analysis
Industry TypeAll

Your competitors are going to look for weakness in your intellectual property.

If your IP can be circumvented you should know about any weakness first in order to take defensive action to strengthen your IP position.

IP Audits

Hard-To-Get Patents

Service Area Intellectual Property
Service TypePatent Acquisition
Industry TypeAll

We put both the invention and the prior art under the microscope to select a patent narrative that will maximise patentability. We have procured hard to get patents in the agricultural, biosecurity, medical, biotechnology & human and animal medicine industries.

Hard-To-Get Patents

IP Due Diligence

Service AreaIntellectual Property
Service TypeDue Diligence
Industry TypeAll

IP due diligence for patents is the process of examining the quality of a company’s patent or patent portfolio.
This process can be extremely useful prior to buying a technology company or buying a license from a technology company or when planning to partner with a technology company.

IP Due Dilligence

LinkedIn Outreach

Service AreaDigital Marketing
Service TypeB2B Outreach
Industry TypeAll

There is no better platform to reach a high volume of decision makers quickly than on LinkedIn. Whether you're looking to find people to license your technology or provide seed funding.

We expertly navigate the LinkedIn platform to locate and connect with people by location, industry, job title and company size.

LinkedIn Outreach

SEO & PPC Marketing

Service AreaDigital Marketing
Service TypeSEO & PPC Ads
Industry TypeAll

There is endless potential to get your technology in front of the right people.

We can optimise your website to rank highly for valuable search terms which will increase your organic traffic and utilise paid advertising platforms such as LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Facebook Business Manager and Google Adwords and Google Display to reach your audience.

SEO & PPC Advertising

Video Production

Service AreaContent Creation
Service TypeVideo Production
Industry TypeAll

There is no more efficient way to show your technology package and your company values than with a video. A video showing your technologies is multi-use for use on websites, social media platforms, trade shows and paid advertising campaigns.
Technology Outcomes offers a wide range of highly scalable video production services through our partner site.

Video Production Melbourne

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International IP Protection

Understand the process

Technology Outcomes are experts in analysing the international IP landscape for your technology, the process of applying for patents and working with international patent examiners. We can walk you through the costs and expected timeframes that are associated with lodging patents on a country by country basis.

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The Family


Gottfried and Chris are father and son consultants working to assist technology companies wherever they may sit in the commercialisation pathway

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Gottfried Lichti

Intellectual Property Consultant

30 years of product development and IP experience

Christopher Lichti

Digital Marketing Consultant

10 years of digital marketing and video production experience