No-one is more capable of co-ordinating the following activities to achieve strong patent protection and commercial success:

  • Detailed review of product development reports for your invention

  • Prior art landscape

  • Patent claims strategy

  • Patent-defence experimentation

  • Use of digital methods for low-cost market entry testing

Technology Outcomes Has Over 30 Years Of Experience working within the sphere of product development. This includes developing innovative technology products and also creating strong highly defensible intellectual property such as patents

We help companies within Australia’s technology industry to bridge the cultural gap between technology professionals and patent professionals as we have extensive experience in both cultures.

Background and Experience


Technology Outcomes is uniquely placed experience to act as a technology-to-patent professional facilitator. We have expertise in both early phase private enterprise technology and product development and end-to-end patent procurement. Our team draws on the following experience:

  • Our senior consultant is named as an inventor on more than 10 patent families spread over diverse technology areas

  • Extensive research management experience with large and small multidisciplinary teams

  • Successful track record in helping clients obtain hard-to-get patent protection

  • Capacity to speak directly with scientists and technologists and to assimilate complex information from work-books and in-house technology reports

  • A well-established network of contacts throughout the Australian community of patent professionals

  • Extensive experience in designing cost-effective experimental programs in defence of patent claims. This is a highly useful mechanism for persuading patent examiners to allow patent claims

Granted Patents

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Patents Reviewed

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Mock Hostile Audits

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